Watch Justin and his family tackle the most epic off-roading and lifestyle challenges in the world in Season 3 of Patriot Games. Episodes include a trip to USA's biggest side by side event, racing in Australia's iconic Finke Desert Race and the Dinghy Derby. Building the first of it's kind, a supercharged Ram 1500 Hemi and testing it in the Simpson Desert, plus watch the crew traverse vastly different terrain in Mongolia; where eagle hunting and wrangling wild horses are all part of the adventure.

Season 3 / Episode 24

The ULTIMATE Mongolian Campsite, Our Overlanding Journey Ends

After weeks of overlanding through the Mongolian countryside, our journey is sadly coming to an end. And what better way to finish up than at…

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Season 3 / Episode 23

Our Toughest Recovery Yet, Patriot Campers X1 Stranded in Mongolia

We are stranded in the remote Mongolian countryside after the X1 suffered severe damage, with no tilt trays in sight this recovery will be one…

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Season 3 / Episode 22

Recovering a Broken PATRIOT CAMPERS X1 from the Middle of Mongolia

The worst has happened, we have broken a Patriot Campers X1... in the middle of Mongolia. To continue our journey through remote Mongolia, we'll need…

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Season 3 / Episode 21

Broken Patriot Campers X1

After a long day travelling on camelback in the dunes of the Gobi Desert, we are now back in the SUPERTOURERS™ and travelling the final…

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Season 3 / Episode 20

Hunting with EAGLES in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia

We have been travelling now for over a week through the Mongolian countryside, and after some massive days, we finally reached the edge of the…

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Season 3 / Episode 19

Hunting with EAGLES in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia

After overlanding west through some tough Mongolian terrain, we have finally reached our destination, the Altai mountain range. Here we meet up with Mongolian eagle…

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Season 3 / Episode 18

4x4 Journey to the Russian Mongolian Border

Our horseback adventure has come to an end and now it's time to jump back in the SUPERTOURERS™ and continue overlanding through Mongolia to the…

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Season 3 / Episode 17

Overlanding on Horseback, We Ride Wild Horses in Mongolia

After days of riding deep into the Mongolian mountains, we have finally reached our destination... the campsite of one of the last families of Reindeer…

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Season 3 / Episode 16

Overlanding on Horseback, We Ride Wild Horses in Mongolia

Our overlanding adventure continues as we get deeper into the Mongolian countryside. To get to the next destination we'll need to trade in our SUPERTOURERS™…

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Season 3 / Episode 15

Overlanding In Mongolia, We Weren't Expecting This

All the hard work has paid off and the Patriot Campers Mongolia Grand Opening was a HUGE success. Now that all the work is done…

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Season 3 / Episode 14

Things Don't Go To Plan in the Mongolian Black Markets

The adventure continues as the Patriot Games crew head into the famous Mongolian Black Markets however, they don't receive the warm welcome they were expecting.…

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Season 3 / Episode 13

Our Mongolian 4x4 Adventure Begins

The Patriot Games crew have landed in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia to launch the Patriot Campers Mongolian showroom and explore the amazing countryside. The Patriot Games crew…

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Season 3 / Episode 12

Australias Toughest Offroad Race - Finke 2019 - There and Back

Emotions are running high as Justin and Tommy make it into Finke, now it's time for a little celebration at Camp Patriot before the race…

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Season 3 / Episode 11

Finke Desert Race 2019 - The Race Is On!

The Polaris RZR has had its first shakedown, testing is all done and now it's time for the first leg of Australia's Greatest Desert Race.…

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Season 3 / Episode 10

Testing The New Polaris RZR Before The Finke Desert Race 2019

The crew made it through the Simpson Desert in good time even after the hours it took to get the convoy through the muddy Simpson…

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Season 3 / Episode 9

We Survived The Simpson Desert, Testing For Finke Begins

After hours of work to get the SUPERTOURER™ convoy across the muddy Simpson Desert the Patriot crew are finally heading into Alice Springs but the…

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Season 3 / Episode 8

RAM Trucks Bogged In Mud In The Simpson Desert

The Black Truck has made it to the other side of the mud hole, now the crew have to get the bigger RAM trucks through.…

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Season 3 / Episode 7

Bogged In The Flooded Simpson Desert

With the Finke Desert Race only days away, the crew have to make it across the flooded Simpson Desert. Problems arise as the Black Truck…

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Season 3 / Episode 6

Crossing The Simpson Desert, Our Journey To Finke

The team have finished building the new race buggy and the Finke Desert Race is just around the corner. To make it there on time…

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Season 3 / Episode 5

Building Australia's First Supercharged RAM 1500

It’s that time again, the SUPERTOURER™ team are ready for their next big build. Justin and Mia are putting together the ultimate touring vehicle for…

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Season 3 / Episode 4

Racing The Dinghy Derby

We are back at the Riverland Dinghy Derby on the Murray River and today is race day. After changing engine class, we hoping to do…

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Season 3 / Episode 3

Back At The Dinghy Derby

Justin, Sarah and the kids are travelling to Renmark to race the Riverland Dinghy Derby for the second time. Last year the crew ran into…

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Season 3 / Episode 2

Snowmobile On The Dunes Of Glamis at Camp RZR

Sarah’s Polaris RZR has dug into the sand at Glamis and an expert recovery is needed to get the crew back on track. The twins…

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Season 3 / Episode 1

Welcome To Glamis California, It's Time For Camp RZR

After extensive touring in Australia and a few trips to Moab in the U.S, Justin and Sarah are no strangers to Polaris gear...  So when…

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Season 3 / Episode 1

Season 3 Trailer

We are back... let the games begin!! Patriot Games Season 3 is our biggest yet and it's safe to say you haven't seen anything like…

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